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My services are perfect for a new or established small businesses that provide logistics services. Whether you have quick questions or need a full actionable Strategy to start, position, or promote your logistics business.

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  • A one on one intensive phone call to answer questions.

    30 min

    125 US dollars
  • A virtual working session via zoom with up to 3 employees.

    1 hr

    299 US dollars

I can help you strategize
in these specific areas:



Developing and rebranding your logistics business to build trust and gain visibility.


Analyzing what type of business you should start in Logistics.


Freight Brokerage Tips: finding factoring, software, and developing partnerships.

Professional Setup of your business so that you are in position to do BIG BUSINESS!

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Media Inquiries

Whether you are interested in a podcast, media, or radio interview, I enjoy sharing my unique perspective as the CEO of a Logistics Company and minority woman in business. I'm passionate about engaging, hosting, and talking all things Logistics and building a Small Business. ​

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Brand Partnerships

Leverage my audience across all social media platforms to promote products, services, and events. Advertising, digital content creation, and influencer partnership facilitation capabilities.